Rhythmic movement and Mindfullness

What I have learned is that there can be circumstances in life that can lead to physical stress which causes many physical blockages that consequentially add to even more stress and new difficulties. How do we go through life so that we can work things out and overcome circumstances so to come out stronger.

The Rhythmic Movement helps to relieve and remove physical blockages and stress whereby you will feel more lighter and will become more open for quality reflection and deeper insights about yourself and your circumstances. What follows is more insight about how to deal with you circumstances in small but steady steps forward.

I have developed this method for some years now and offer it. I give coaching and you determine for yourself how often you want/need it.

The first consultation is free. During this consultation we will discuss my method and your circumstances to see if this is the right method for you.

The costs for coaching are 30 euro for the first half hour and 60 euro for one hour.